Art at the intersection of climate change and colonization

Featuring interviews with Alaskan leaders and art from Alaskan artists

Colonization and Climate Change: Impacts on Alaska is a two-part art show that aims to promote conversation and action on the topics of colonization and climate change through a portrait and interview series made by Muriel Reid and a collection of art submitted by six artists.

View the show in-person at Heritage Coffee Cafe (130 Front Street, Juneau Alaska) during the month of April. The show will kick-off on First Friday April 1st 2022 from 4 to 6 PM.

Colonization and Climate Change: Impacts on Alaska is funded by grants from the UAS URECA and ACF Youth Mini-Grant programs.







Portrait Series

Featuring Alaskan leaders from across Southeast

Photographed and interviewed by Muriel Reid, nine Alaskan leaders speak to how colonization and climate change have impacted their work in the state.

Listen to Alaskan leaders

Art Submissions

Featuring art from Alaskan artists

Drawing from the prompt ‘Colonization and Climate Change: Impacts on Alaska,’ six Alaskan artists each created beautiful and impactful pieces.

View Alaskan made art


About the artist


Muriel Reid yoo duwasaakw. Kiks.adi yoo sitee. Polishx ka Englishx yoo sitee. Kaagwaantaan dachxan. Irish yadi. Laaxaayik kwaan. Sheet’kax’ kuwdzitee. Aak’wt wudlitsuw.

Muriel Reid (they/them) is a videographer, photographer, and student based in Aak’w (Juneau Alaska) and Sheet’ka (Sitka Alaska). They specialize in short-form video production, portrait photography, and science communication. You can find them on Instagram @muriel_celeste & online at 


Photo by Konrad Frank